Camping Food

Whether you're going on a simple overnight trip or an extended camping break, food is going to be an essential consideration. When it comes to planning meals and buying your camping food, it's vital that you invest in produce that's simple to prepare, tasty and provides you with all the nourishment you need. Specialist camping food makes all of this far easier and is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

As it's designed specifically to be well suited for eating whilst on camping trips, it's easy to store and transport, as well as being straightforward to cook. The range includes meals that are suitable for everything from family breaks in a caravan or tent, to individual adventure camping trips where you're going to be braving tougher conditions.

The range of camping food

Cooking meals outdoors can be one of the most enjoyable parts of camping. Many people believe that food cooked outside at the end of a long day exploring makes for some of the best meals you can have. This range definitely helps to prove this with a focus on great taste, as well as all of the practical needs associated with food that's to be cooked whilst camping.

If you're off on an extended trip or don't have time to plan and cook a lot of meals in advance, that can be tricky to transport and are often perishable, ready prepared camping food could be the perfect option. The collection here is inspired by everything from army ration packs and freeze dried food, to delicious, warming meals and puddings suitable for the whole family.

With a lot of mouths to feed and children to consider, you're going to need a crowd pleaser to keep everyone happy. Why not try the popular Wayfayrer range of meals that include everything from spaghetti bolognese and all day breakfasts, to beef stew and even chicken tikka masala! These types of meals will be sure to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. There's even a range of tasty desserts available, such as ready to eat chocolate pudding.

For those who are heading out on adventure trips or longer term camping expeditions, freeze dried food and meal pouches are often a great choice. They are specifically designed to be very lightweight and compact so they don't take up too much space in your camping kit and can be easily cooked without the need for extensive preparation or lots of different utensils. Meals are simple and tasty, with dishes including chicken curries, macaroni cheese and a variety of pasta recipes. Sweet options include rice pudding and custard.