Lorna Bailey Pottery

Lorna Bailey Pottery

Pieces by English potter Lorna Bailey are highly collectable due to their eclectic style and limited numbers. During her short career from the mid-1990s to her retirement in 2008, Lorna Baileys award-winning work explored a range of themes from animals and abstract expressionism to legends of pop and rock music.

Greatly influenced by art deco design, Lorna Bailey is best known for her range of bright, bold and comical pieces. Each object is handcrafted and hand painted with the vast majority bearing the designers signature. Choose from a range of limited edition and special edition pieces including vases, teapots, jugs, bowls and figurines.

From the functional to the decorative, youll find hundreds of examples of Lorna Bailey pottery.

Lorna Bailey Vases

During her career, Lorna Bailey produced a wide variety of vases inspired by numerous design styles including Mexican, Bauhaus, Cherokee, Arabesque and the 1920s.

In addition to art deco and abstract prints, youll also find vases with scenes of houses, landscapes, birds, flowers and even a novelty vase-shaped to resemble a megaphone.

Two of Lorna Baileys most iconic and highly collectable vases are those that feature the ‘Manhattan cityscape and the ‘Sunburst pattern.

Lorna Bailey Figurines

Lorna Bailey is perhaps most well-known by collectors for her series of comical animals, in particular, comical cat figurines. Measuring between 5 and 15cm high, there are several cat characters to choose from, each with a unique name.

Choose from cats that are part of a series such as LADY P., Thunderbirds or the Musketeers. Individuals include Nelson the Pirate, caped superhero Cat Girl, Puss in Boots and the aptly named Cat and Mouse.

Youll find a range of novelty cat figurines available such as the Easter themed Eggbert and Halloween themed Pumpkin Pugsley, Pumpkin Surprise, Witches Brew Cat and Hocus Pocus.

Lorna Bailey also created figurines of famous figures from the worlds of TV and music. Youll find TV personality Fred Dibnah, alongside Beatles inspired Sergeant Pepper, Paul McCartney and Legend of Liverpool John Lennon.