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Lorus Fob and Nurse Watches

Lorus is a subsidiary of Japanese watch giant and leading watch manufacturer, Seiko. Lorus fob and nurse watches are quality timepieces that last well.

The company was founded in 1982 and makes stylish, low cost watches. As part of the Seiko family, Lorus benefits from the technological innovations of its parent company. Its relationship with Seiko also guarantees that Lorus watches are quality products.

The difference between fob and pocket watches

Fob watches, sometimes mistaken for pocket watches, are watches designed to be attached to your clothing rather than worn on your wrist. The 'fob' relates to the short strap made of metal, fabric or leather which is attached to the watch and pins or clips onto jacket or shirt lapels or pockets. Nurses often use fob watches.

Pocket watches are similar to fobs, but instead of the shorter strap they are usually attached to your clothing with a longer metal chain. The chain allows you to keep your watch in trouser or lower jacket pockets. Pocket watches are particularly popular for styling steampunk outfits.

Features of Lorus nurse watches

Nurse's watches are fob watches that pin onto the lapel or front of a nurse's uniform or scrubs. They are preferable to wristwatches , as a wristwatch would be covered when you are required to wear rubber gloves. A wristwatch may also get in the way or get dirty when carrying out many common nursing tasks.

Lorus nurse watches are hardwearing, accurate and great quality. They generally have a stainless steel case and strap or bracelet. The numbers on the face of the watch will be printed upside down to allow a nurse to view them easily when they lift the watch upwards.

There are a variety of face designs available. As well as the traditional white face with black numbering, other options include a dark blue face with white numbering and a colourful patterned face. Lorus watches with a lumibrite face are luminous and glow in the dark, which is useful for night shifts.

Lorus nurse watches are usually water resistant to 30 metres, which means they won't get ruined when work gets messy. Most of their watches have seconds displayed on the face, as well as the figures for hours and minutes.

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