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Power Your Drive With the Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise cars are two-seater, mid-engined, rear-wheel driving roadsters made of fibreglass and an aluminium chassis that offer the platform good rigidity while keeping production costs and weight down. Originally released in 1996, the Elise cars can touch the 240 kmph mark on the speedometer fairly quickly. Check out the various Lotus Elise models on eBay to find out more.

What Lotus Elise car models are available?

There are three series models available, all with series variants:

  • Series 1: Launched in 1996, variants include 111S, 340R, and Exige.
  • Series 2: Announced in 2000, variants include the 111S (updated) and 111R (Federal Elise), Elise SC, Elise California (limited edition), and Elise R.
  • Series 3: Launched in 2010, variants include mostly updated and improved versions of previous Elise releases, along with new high-performance Elise models like the Cup 220, Cup 250, Cup 260, and Elise Sprint.
The Benefits of a lighter kerb weight

Not many road cars sold in 2019 have a kerb weight of less than a tonne. The Elise's light kerb weight enhances the car’s steering, cornering, and braking abilities.

  • A 245 bhp engine is good enough to outperform its competition in a 0-60 second dash.
  • Narrow 195- and 175-section tyres easily manage tight corners.
  • The brakes need not be huge and heavy-duty.

The car is snappy, but that doesn’t define the Elise. In fact, no one aspect of the vehicle overwhelms another, making this car a well-balanced package.

What differences can you expect between models?

Elise’s aluminium chassis, rear-mid-engine design, and two-seat layout have been there forever, but, of course, updated as per trends. For instance, the Rover K-Series engines that featured in the initial Elise models made way for a Toyota engine, to be replaced later by a supercharged Toyota engine. The Elise’s bodywork and chassis have also undergone a transformation over the years, along with the crash structures, gearbox, brakes, suspension, and tyres.

Enjoy a classic interior

The Lotus Elise’s interior isn’t laden with tech. Everything you need in a roadster is there in an Elise: steering wheel, footwell pedals, manual gearbox, air conditioning, and a heater. As for tunes, you get a stereo setup where you may plug your phone into a music supply. As far as space goes, there’s enough room to accommodate tall individuals. The room on offer is enough to use the car as your only commuter car, and not just a weekend drive.

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