What You Should Know About the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW is a multipurpose backpack that is useful for many different scenarios. The materials that make up the backpack make it a highly durable item. For an affordable price, you can purchase this backpack online from eBay.

What are the primary features of the backpack?

The primary features of the Lowepro backpack include numerous compartments as well as a flip-side design that is meant for protecting items in your bag. For support, it uses the ActivZone suspension. This allows you to wear the backpack for extended periods of time while keeping your shoulders comfortable. There are also plenty of attachment points along the top and bottom of the bag so that you can carry gear outside of your bag's compartments.

What materials are the backpack made from?

There are numerous materials that make the Lowepro backpacks useful for carrying items that need snug and compact environments. Many of these compartments are made out of air-mesh padding. This padding provides a snug setting in which to place a delicate object such as a laptop or tablet. The padding can help protect your important objects from falls and keep them from being damaged.

The YKK zippers included on each backpack are both durable and easy to use. In order to protect objects inside the backpack from external forces such as weather, there is an AW cover attached to the bag. The cover keeps objects both dry and at a moderate temperature.

What are some uses for the backpack?

As a backpack, the primary use for it is to help you lug your items around. This particular backpack was designed to carry various camera parts and keep them safe during travel. You can also use the backpack to carry other objects such as a laptop, tablet, or Kindle. Other compartments allow you to put smaller objects such as an iPad, phones, or writing utensils. If you're out hiking or rock climbing, the Lowepro backpack is a great accessory to bring with you. The ActivZone support can rest on your shoulders for a long time as you carry larger loads of equipment. You can use it to carry binders and books for school-related activities, too.

What colours/designs does the backpack come in?

The new and preowned Lowe backpack comes in a wide variety of colours, including:

  • Black
  • Camo
  • Grey
  • Pine green
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