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Ludwig Snare Drums

Ludwig is one of the most famous drum brands available, with the likes of Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich and John Bonham being well-known Ludwig players. 

Throughout their long history the brand has produced a number of innovative drums which have gained legendary status.  Their snare drums are known to offer exceptional sound quality and playability.

Different Ludwig snares drums 

  • Materials – Ludwig snare drums are available in a range of materials from classic maple to steel and hammered brass. The material used has a major effect of the sound of the snare, with certain tonal qualities desirable in different genres of music. The range of materials used ensures that you can find the right Ludwig snare for your style
  • Size – Ludwig produce a number of different sized snare drums which cater for a variety of styles. The size can have an impact on how the drum plays and sounds. There is no correct size of snare drum, so the large choice on offer from Ludwig enables you to find the right snare 

Benefits of owning a Ludwig snare drum 

  • The Ludwig name –With a long history of producing excellent snare drums, buying a Ludwig snare drum would put you in the company of some of the world’s greatest drummers
  • Durability – Built to handle the stresses of drumming, Ludwig snares are highly durable and can offer a lifetime of playing
  • Wide range of models – Ludwig produces snares in a range of sizes and materials. No matter what style of music you are looking to play, there is a Ludwig snare to give you the sound you desire
  • Flexibility – Easily customisable with a variety of drum heads and snares, enabling you to personalise your sound as required.
  • Range of finishes – Available in a range of quality finishes and colours enabling you to find a snare to match your style
  • Tuning – Ludwig snare drums are simple to tune, offering high levels of tuning stability
  • Storage and transportation – With a selection of protective hard and soft cases available, it is easy to transport and store your Ludwig snare drum without fear of it getting damaged