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Lulu Guinness Shoulder bags

Lulu Guinness shoulder bags come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, many of which come with the famous Dali style pout motif displayed proudly on the front.

Types of shoulder bags

Tote bags are useful for carrying many items, with the style and use varying between models. Leather tote bags have a smart appearance and are useful for taking into the office. Canvas tote bags are very casual in style and are commonly used for food shopping, or as a beach bag.

Shoulder bags with a long strap can be hung over the shoulder. These are stylish in design and can accompany work outfits as well as general day to day clothing. Messenger bags are shoulder bags with large compartments and separate sections, great for organising your bits and pieces.

A Lulu Guinness handbag is a versatile accessory that can be used to carry your everyday essentials. These are often fairly small but can range in size.

Zip closure is one of the most secure styles of bag fastening. It will lock up all items, with no gaps for things to fall out. Clasp fastenings secure the bag by locking together two pieces of metal. These metal clasps are often designed to add a decorative touch to your bag.

A magnetic snap Lulu Guinness bag uses the power of magnets to lock together the two parts of the bag. This may not be as secure as other types of fastening and if knocked, the magnets fall apart, leaving you bag open.

Also consider the style and type of handbag straps, as these can vary from long chain straps to more rigid leather straps. Bag materials range from patent and Nappa leather to synthetic blends.

Popular colours include the standard range of black and brown bags. However, many of these Lulu Guinness shoulder bags feature colourful leather pop-out designs and patterns stitched into the materials.