Enjoy Better Couch Surfing with a Luxor Remote

A new or used Luxor remote could give you the opportunity to search for your favourite shows faster and could provide you with a number of other features. The Luxor brand is worldwide, so you can expect it to work well and to function properly with just about any make or model of television. Most remotes are made of strong plastic and rubber buttons that will stay intact for a long period of time.

Which types of Luxor remotes are on eBay?

The Luxor remotes can power practically any television and many types of DVD players. Once the remote is properly programmed by following the basic instructions, you'll be able to use it quickly. If you want a remote that can function with a variety of different devices, it may be worth your investment to purchase a universal Luxor remote. There is a Luxor remote that can also power a set-top box and a flat-screen television.

What brands of electronics are these remotes good for?

The Luxor remote that you find on eBay will be able to power almost all of the leading brands of televisions and disc players. If you have a lost or broken remote from the original television, these remotes should suffice. The correct Luxor remote is compatible with brands like:

  • Hitachi
  • JVC
  • Polaroid
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
Which types of batteries power these remotes?

Almost every Luxor control can be powered with AA or AAA batteries. The actual number of batteries that are required will vary, so please read the listing carefully for exact information. Most rechargeable batteries can also be used in these devices. For proper results, you should not mix batteries. For example, use two alkaline batteries but not one alkaline and one heavy-duty battery. Also, avoid mixing rechargeable and disposable batteries if possible. There are many remotes that are sold on eBay that come with the batteries included.

What are some features of these remotes?

These remotes can usually operate from a distance of 5 to 10 metres without any trouble. It is important to make certain that the sensors on the remote and the controlled device are visible for optimum performance. There are also many new Luxor remotes that can fully operate smart televisions. These styles come with prefabricated buttons for many common streaming services. Some additional features may include:

  • Volume control
  • Forward and reverse
  • Zoom
  • Mute
  • Sleep timer
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