M&M's Advertising Collectables

Collectable M&Ms Advertising

Collectable M&Ms advertising products covers a range of promotional items made by the M&Ms brand that have become collectors items. These limited editions were produced in restricted numbers as promotional items and are now in demand with those who collect them and trade them. M&Ms have been a popular candy coated chocolate or peanut snack for decades and these promotional products were created to increase interest and demand.

Whats in the range?

The range varies from many different types of M&Ms dispensers to cuddly toys , backpacks, M&Ms figurines, and novelty shaped mugs. With their trademark bright colours and expressive faces, there are many different types of M&Ms collectable advertising to choose from.

The sweet dispensers

The most popular item of M&Ms collectables is the sweet or candy dispenser. The types that are available range from small Christmas sweet dispensers, consisting of a M&Ms figurine complete with small model Christmas gift, or a chef figurine sweet dispenser spooning chocolate, sporting characters lifting weights, football and basketball playing M&M figures, musician such as a saxophonist and a drummer, and even a special Reds Barnstorming Rides Aerobatics Plane Candy dispenser driven by a red M&M pilot.

The colours are characteristically bright and each item is made of durable plastic, which is easy to wipe clean.

The plush M&M figures

There are several plush M&M figures available for sale. Among them is the M&Ms backpack in yellow and made of soft fake fur material with a happy face M&M. You may also find the M&M plush green toy, which is female and wears white socks.

Seasonal advertising

Some M&Ms advertising products cover seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter. There are several collectable figurines with festive touches such as Christmas presents or sacks of gifts. For Easter, there is a M&Ms candy dispenser shaped like the Easter Bunny. There is also a happy yellow peanut Easter Bunny topper, which can be used to top a cake or dessert.