Enjoy Your Music Wherever You Go With Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to keep the party going no matter where you are, consider buying Bluetooth speakers. Designed to amplify audio playback from your phone, computer, or tablet, a Bluetooth speaker is a conveniently portable piece of wireless kit. Whether you want the loudest Bluetooth speakers or some cheap Bluetooth speakers, eBay has a multitude of options at a wide range of prices

What is the difference between Bluetooth speakers and a Wi-Fi version?

A Bluetooth speakers review will help you decide the best speakers for your needs, but some basic differences between Wi-Fi speakers and Bluetooth speakers are:

  • The nature of connection - A Bluetooth speaker can be wirelessly linked to a source, as long as it is less than 30 feet in range
  • Portability - Due to the fact that they do not need an intermediary to produce sound, Bluetooth speakers offer a more mobile option than their Wi-Fi counterparts
  • Connections - Bluetooth speakers connect to a device such as a phone or a tablet to play audio directly from the device whereas Wi-Fi speakers can access a home network to play audio files
What are the dimensions of Bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are designed to be portable, but dimensions and transport-style will vary. Speakers range from sizes that can fit straight into your pocket to large box style speakers that have a carry handle. Bigger speakers often have the loudest sound amplification and improved audio quality, so see the manufacturers site for details.

What speaker arrangement should you look for in regard to sound quality?

Speaker arrangement is important when it comes to sound quality. For the best audio experience look for models with 2.1 channel sound and a subwoofer. It is possible to achieve decent sound quality with models that have 2 speakers to achieve stereo sound, but cheap Bluetooth speakers might only have one speaker and so will only produce mono audio. Even then, they can still amplify audio and work well if you only need to make audio louder.

What battery life can you expect from a Bluetooth speaker?

You can expect playback time of around 10-12 hours with most Bluetooth speakers, although times do vary by models. The manufacturer will list the estimated battery life of each model, choose which one is right for you based on how long you think you will use the speaker for between charges