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Enjoy Vintage Photography with an MPP Camera

MPP began selling their award-winning twin-lens reflex camera in 1941 and it has been capturing memories ever since. The camera was designed for use by professional photographers in studio settings but it quickly became popular among many amateur photographers. You can have a look at the range of MPP cameras on eBay to find the one that works for you.

Which films do MPP cameras use?

The large format camera uses 4 x 5” sheet film. The main difference between large format cameras and other models is the absence of a film roll, instead, they make use of a single film sheet. The film sheet is placed in a special holder for exposure and after the shot has been taken, the film sheet is removed and replaced with another.

Are MPP cameras easy to use?

Yes, getting used to the expandable bellow system may take some time and requires an adopted shooting technique but can be quite rewarding. Many photographers specialise in using these vintage cameras and have developed techniques to use with them.

Can MPP cameras be used with interchangeable lenses?

MPP cameras are designed to work with fixed focal length lenses. Most cameras are equipped with a wide angle lens that can be used in most circumstances without the need to change lenses. The flexible bellow design allows users to tilt and move the camera lens in various angles to get a good shot.

Are all MPP cameras of a TLR design?

Yes, the cameras all feature twin-lens reflex designs. This design allows the camera to be used at waist level since it has a dedicated lens that projects the viewfinder image onto a top-mounted screen. The cameras are not equipped with a traditional viewfinder, which can at first be somewhat difficult to use, however, once you are used to this system it works quite well.

What are some of the interesting features that can be found on MPP cameras?

The cameras have the following noteworthy features:

  • Expandable bellows: This allows the camera to take pictures from a wide range of angles.
  • Strength: The camera body is made from strong metal making it sturdy.
  • Film Holder: The cameras use a single-exposure film that is kept in place by a film holder.
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