What to Know Before Purchasing Mackie Audio Equipment

Great sound starts from the source and is maintained throughout an audio system's signal chain. Mackie makes a variety of different products for live sound to make any sound engineer's job easier, both live and in the studio. To help you further understand Mackie products sold on eBay, here are some common questions about them. 

What kinds of products are available? 

The company makes a variety of different products for an entire audio signal chain. The following are some common reasonably priced items you will find sold on eBay for studio and live sound.  

  • Mixers - Mackie is well-known for manufacturing mixers, the device responsible for consolidating and mixing all of the instruments in a performing group. The company makes a variety of large and compact speakers for any job.
  • PA speakers - PA speakers are the speakers in a live sound system that broadcast the signal to the audience. Mackie makes both towers and subs, covering all frequencies.
  • Monitors - The monitors are the speakers that point back at the band, helping them hear each other better.
  • Amplifiers - The amps power the audio signal, boosting it and sending it to the speakers, so it is loud and clear.
  • Studio monitors - These are smaller speakers designed for engineers to use when mixing audio in the studio.

Can mixing boards be used live and in the studio? 

Yes. Mackie makes boards that are intended to be used in the studio or live. It is possible to use them either way. The main thing to consider when shopping for a mixing console is whether it has enough inputs to manage your project. You should also see if the EQs and built-in effects are enough to meet your needs, especially if you are using it for live applications. 

Do the mixers have built-in preamps? 

Yes. Both the studio and live mixers have built-in mic preamps, the device responsible for boosting the audio signal from a microphone or instrument line being sent to any channel. Usually, Mackie uses Onyx preamps in its recording and live mixing consoles, a respected and quality brand. 

Are Mackie items durable? 

Yes. The new or used Mackie products on eBay are used on concert tours and in venues around the world, proving their durability. The live mixing consoles are manufactured with a solid steel chassis, helping them withstand the rigors of the road and nightly use in concert halls and bars. The speakers and amplifiers are made with the same heavy-duty construction in mind. 

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