Made in Italy

Enjoy Mediterranean Style with Made in Italy Products

The phrase "Made in Italy" conjures up magical visions of sparkling blue waters, lofty mountains capped with snow, and towns full of wonderfully-dressed people. Italian style is renowned all over the world for its sophistication and glamour. Whether youre looking for shoes, dresses, bags, or tops, youll find plenty of affordable products on eBay.

How can you find the right size for you?

Italian clothing is often made to be worn in a loose, flowing way, making it comfortable under the heat of the southern European sun. This means that you may want to look for garments one size larger than youd choose for tighter-fitting pieces. Fabrics comfortable in summer heat, like cotton and linen, are often used to increase the wearers comfort. Bear in mind that some stretch garments come in a single size, especially dresses. If you have larger or narrower hips than average, you may find it more comfortable to pick a separate top and skirt or trousers instead.

How can you pick the colours that will suit you?

When youre looking through items made in Italy, youll quickly notice that their use of colour is often very eye-catching. To create your own distinctive Italian fashion, here are a few things you can consider:

  • Black: This colour is smooth, classy, and will go well with almost anything, whether you want a slinky black dress for that special party or a simple headband to set off a lighter ensemble.
  • White: The strong Italian sun means that many garments made in Italy feature heavy use of white to help reflect the rays. As an alternative, consider a subtle cream or pale yellow.
  • Primary colours: Often inspired by the bright red and green on the countrys flag, youll find many Italian tops and skirts in bold, bright, and confident colours.
  • Muted shades: A subtly patterned top or charcoal-grey jumper can look very good when worn along with a much brighter scarf or bag.
What is special about the Made in Italy description?

Seeing clothes bearing the "Made in Italy" label lets you know that theyve been produced in one of Europes truly glamorous locations. Browse through the listings on eBay and youll quickly find huge numbers of stunningly designed garments in an enormous variety of colours and designs. You can also find many accessories to go with them, such as caps, headbands, and hair slides, so creating your own Mediterranean look is easy. Even though its mostly a warm country, Italian skiwear is also a great choice if you want to turn heads while youre on the slopes.