Magnet Mobile Phone Holders & Mounts

Keep your Hands Free with a Mobile Phone Magnet

Smartphones offer the convenience of owning an on-demand GPS, but they may be considered a distraction while driving. A mobile phone magnet provides a solutio - mount the phone to a readily accessible area in the proximity of the driver. Before you head out on a road trip, check eBay for a magnetic mobile phone holder at a price that suits.

Are magnetic mobile phone holders safe to use?

Yes. The majority of internal mobile phone components are made of non-magnetic materials, do not use magnetic fields, and are unaffected by an external magnetic force. These components might include the memory, screen, GPS, compass, and battery. If your phone uses wireless charging, however, a specific hollow-ring magnetic holder ought to be used instead of a solid plate design. As the centre of the phone generally contains the wireless induction coil, a solid metal plate in this position may interfere with charging. Alternatively, a solid magnet can be positioned at either the top or bottom section of the phone, which avoids interference with the charging coil.

Do magnetic mobile phone holders work with a case?

Yes, they can. Magnetic mobile phone mounts commonly use a thin rectangular metal plate, which fits inside the mobile phone back cover, or a circular metal sticker which attaches to the outside of the phone. The rectangular insert can simply be re-positioned to the area between the cover and the phone. If, however, the case is relatively thick and the magnetic mount cannot interact with the rectangular insert, a thin metal sticker can be attached to outside of the protective case. The additional weight of the case should not cause the phone to slip. The magnets used in the majority of holders are designed to withstand the forces of the road, such as bumps and vibrations, and are generally unaffected by a minor increase in weight.

What are the benefits of a magnetic holder over a mechanical mount?

A mobile phone magnet offers various benefits over their mechanical counterparts. These primarily include:

  • Mechanical mounts can interfere with a phone’s side buttons, whereas magnetic mounts do not.
  • Magnetic mounts offer minimal effort to attach and detach, which is beneficial for anyone in a hurry.
  • The phone can easily be switched between horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Magnetic mounts tend to be small, so the dashboard remains neat and orderly, while the physical holder is unnoticeable.