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Mainline Fishing Boilies and Pellets

Mainline are a fishing company that manufacture and sell a range of fishing products, specifically bait for fishing. They have a range of different boilies and pellets - these are both types of bait that vary in the form and structure.

Bait is essential to have when fishing, as this is what you use to get the fish's attention and stimulate them into biting your line. They slowly break down and release taste and flavours into the water and the surrounding area, which attracts fish. This is ideal to create the best chance of catching the fish species you want.


Mainline boilies are fishing baits that are made by boiling paste usually made from a variety of ingredients including fish meals, milk proteins, bird food, semolina and flour. Eggs are then added to make the paste stick together and bind before getting boiled to form hard round bait known as boilies. These are bound together so well that they are able to last in the water for a while and won't disintegrate or break apart whilst waiting for a fish.


Pellets are similar to boilies as they are a source of food and lure for fishes, however pellets seem to be a lot more dense and smaller. They offer a fast breakdown time and help to stimulate fish into feeding.

Both Mainline fishing boilies and pellets are designed to lure fish and work as baits for every one of your fishing trips. They offer a variety of different types of boilies and pellets that vary in flavour and size.

Specific types of bait are more suitable for different types of fish so it is important that you choose the right type of boilie or pellet for the species you want to lure in. Popular bait includes carp pellets and boilies , alongside bait for other species too.

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