Make Up Chairs

Get Professional Makeup Results with a Makeup Chair

A makeup chair is probably the first piece of equipment you need if you want your clients to consider you a "professional" makeup artist. And if youre constantly on the road and have to offer makeup services every now and then, a makeup chair becomes a necessity. The chair is foldable, portable, and comes in different models. Buy a makeup chair on eBay before you go around calling yourself a makeup artist.

What are the features essential to a makeup chair?

Often mistaken for a directors chair, since the two look quite similar, the following features pretty much define a makeup chair:

  • Height: The chair is taller than most normal chairs. When the client is seated, his/her face should only be a tad lower than yours. As your clients could vary in their heights and overall statures, the chairs height can be altered as per requirement.
  • Stability: The chair should be sturdy and stable. The person seated must be stationary, safe, and comfortable for a successful makeup session. The chairs base must be stable, legs secured tightly, and a centre of gravity thats properly computed.
  • Strength and structure: The chairs structure should be ergonomic and hard-wearing. In other words, the reinforcements, steel screws, welds, and overall finishing should be on point for the chair to last long.
  • Seat and backrest: The makeup chairs seat and backrest material should be breathable and washable. The finishes or seams should be sewn and not glued, as glue can become dry and lose its integrity over time.
What materials are commonly used to build a makeup chair?

The frame of a makeup chair is primarily made of aluminium or wood. An aluminium makeup chair is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and ideal for mobile makeup artists. These anodised aluminium chairs undergo a unique hardening process that renders them safe and completely undeformable. Wooden aluminium chairs, on the other hand, are pure classics. Since wood is a more dynamic material, special attention is paid to woods quality, lacquering, and finishing. Most makeup chairs are made of scrap wood or chipboard. The wood is subjected to lacquering and then dried so that it becomes completely crushproof, stable, and durable.

How important is handling and portability with a makeup chair?

The ideal makeup chair should easily open and close. It mustnt have individual pieces that require screwing, and carrying the chair around must be easy. The chair should be lightweight and come with a protective cover/bag for transport, preferably with a trolley.