• 68L Cabinet Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical / Marine 60cm 2ft with LED Lighting

    Available in Black, White and Champagne
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    Brand: BOYU
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  • Aquarium & Cabinet Marine - Aqua One bow fronted 900mm aquarium and base cabinet

    The item is a used Aqua One 900 aquarium and base cabinet that has been used for marine/reef system. Comes with an Aquamanta EFX 300 external filter, a Deltec hang on protein skimmer, D and D media reactor, several Hydor Koralia wave pumps, heaters and TMC Aquabeam LED lights and controller. Also included are a number of marine/reef keeping books. Everything has been used but well cared for and is clean and ready to go. The aquarium is in good order with no leaks however there is some small water damage to the base cabinet doors but is cosmetically good. Although item has been used for marine/reef fish, it is suitable for both fresh water and tropical fish. Both items are heavy so pick up only.
    0 bidsEnding Today at 1:57PM GMT3h 39mCollection in personBrand: Aqua One
  • Red Sea Max 130D Marine Tank + Hailea 130 Chiller +contents

    It also comes with a Hailea chiller. There is paint wear to the hinge on top of the tank. I want this tank to go to an experienced aquarist as I do not want the live creatures to come to any harm. It comes with everything in it.Fish,inverts,live rock the lot.
    10 bidsEnding 5 Mar at 2:32PM GMT8d 4hCollection in personBrand: Red Sea
  • Fluval M60 complete Marine set up and stand

    Designed with clean lines and a contemporary finish, the Fluval Reef aquarium and stand set comes equipped with everything you'll need to recreate a successful marine reef at home, including Fluval's widely popular Marine & Reef Performance LED.
    0 bidsEnding 1 Mar at 11:07PM GMT4d 12hCollection in personBrand: Fluval
  • complete marine aquarium set up

    125 litre marine set up. Tank and cabinet,Led lights, canister filter, skimmer, power heads, heater. Live rock and large coloured mushrooms and corals. Also includes fish, shrimp, anemone and long needle urchin plus orange and green feather duster! Buyer must collect.
    1 bidEnding 1 Mar at 6:45PM GMT4d 8hCollection in person
  • Nano Marine Cube Aquarium with pair of Clownfish & Chromis & live rock & corals

    Nano cube marine full set up with the following Mated pair of Clownfish which cannot be kept in other tank due to a pair of Maroon Clowns. 55 litre approx. cube aquarium with glass lid (38cm x 38cm x 38cm).
    0 bidsEnding 26 Feb at 6:55PM GMT1d 8hCollection in person
  • marine aquarium fish tank

    175 litre collection only Includes pipe work and sump Door a little knocked on corners can replace for £20 Only been used for half a year. Tank: 700 (L) x 500 (H) x 500 mm (W) Cabinet: 700 (L) x 786 (H) x 500mm (W) Sump: 580 (L) x 355 (H) x 380mm (W) Volume: 175 Litres COLLECTION ONLY PAY IN CASH NOT ON HERE TO AVOID FEES WESTON SUPER MARE SOMERSET BASE. TAKING OFFERS NEEDS GONE
    Collection in personBrand: Clear-Seal
  • 5x2x1.5 Marine Aquarium, Sump, Metal Halide Pendant & Skimmer

    Rena marine aquarium with Sump Aqua One metal halide light pendant TMC V2 800 Protein skinner & 2 pumps Tank has a couple of light scratches on the glass but nothing serious, I don’t think you would see them once full
    0 bidsEnding 26 Feb at 6:36PM GMT1d 8hCollection in personBrand: RENA
  • New listing62 Litre Fish Tank Complete with Features Filter and Heater. 

    Complete fish tank set up includes all in good working condition no previous problems with the tank. Also included are some bubble features that have not been included in the pictures that also are in good condition.
    0 bidsEnding 3 Mar at 1:08PM GMT6d 2hCollection in person
  • boyu fish tank on stand complete with fish  and loads of extras 

    complete tank set up with fish and all pumps and food clean stuff,lights plus lots of extra bits the fish are all types large angel sucker fish mollies just to name a few selling due to ill health sad to have to let it go due to size it will be collection only and will need van and strong men at least 3 plus plastic container to put fish will empty when sold its 520 lt  length 4ft11' hight 2ft 4' width 2ft over a £1000 spend in time i had this tank
    12 bidsEnding Today at 1:38PM GMT3h 21mCollection in personBrand: BOYU
  • complete marine aquarium set up

    Fluval f90 marine setup liverock .mushrooms wavemakers led lighting bubble magus q3 hangon skimmer sailfin tang.yellow tang huge pair of clowns .watchman goby.bicolour blenny snails. crabs.built in from bottom of tank 306 fluval filter. Happy bidding open to offs
    0 bidsEnding 2 Mar at 6:27AM GMT4d 20hCollection in person
  • Dimmable MarsAqua 165W LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum Coral Reef Tank LPS/SPS

    UK/EU Plug▲Local Ship▲No Duty▲Two Switches▲Two Dimmers
    From Germany
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    15 bidsEnding 1 Mar at 11:18AM GMT4d 1hCollection in personBrand: Aqua Medic
  • Red Sea Max s650

    Owning a thriving piece of coral reef has never been easier than with Red Sea’s new MAX S-650 aquariums. Red Sea MAX S-650 aquariums are fully equipped with everything you need including features such as ultra clear glass,REEF-SPEC.
    0 bidsEnding 28 Feb at 9:57PM GMT3d 11hCollection in person
  • Fish Tank

    Custom made large fish approximate volume 540 litres, wooden surround and cabinets containing 4ft sump tank, sump pump, 2 hearers, lots of live rock, this is a working tank, I have only 2 fish left and a small number of coral on the live rock all sold with the tank.
    0 bidsEnding 4 Mar at 4:09PM GMT7d 5hCollection in person
  • Marine Full Setup Aquarium 5ft Fish Tank Unit WELL STOCKED 50KG LIVE ROCK LEDS

    5ft Bowfronted Juwell Vision 5540 fish tank complete with stand. Tank Dimensions: L 252cm x W 61cm x H64cm. Glass top costing £80. 3 yellow tailed blue damsels. 4" boxer Shrimp. and plenty more. humbug damselfish.
    11 bidsEnding 28 Feb at 10:12PM GMT3d 11hCollection in person
  • Complete marine aquarium set up including all accessories

    All the rest of my marine kit will come with the tank, there's an absolute ton of stuff, mag float glass cleaner, scrapers, 3x 25l drums, a large fermenter drum for siphoning out into, spare heater for preheating water, D-D refractometer, Hanna tds meter, various test kits for phosphate, nitrate, KH, calcium, pH etc (some out of date, but work fine).
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  • Red Sea Max 250 Marine Fish Tank

    Red Sea Max 250 marine tank. This tank has a sump behind the aquarium, not underneath, with lots of storage. The dimensions are: 94cm wide, 52cm tall (without the base, 144cm with base) and 41cm depth. There are roughly around 10 fish plus 2 red shrimps and crabs. There is 1 Royal Tang, 1 Yellow Tang, 2 Clown Fish, 1 Chinese fish, 1 pistol shrimp with his friend Gobi and a few more who’s names I can’t remember (pictured) There is a selection of soft corals which are all thriving. Mineral and salinity levels are regularly checked and are all within correct limits. A user manual as well as a DVD is available with the tank. Cash on collection please and contact should be made within maximum 12 hours from the end of auction.
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  • Fluval M90 marine aquarium freshwater tropical fish tank

    Could be used for marine, freshwater or tropical fish. A used but very good condition fluval tank. You can easily add your own lighting. Beautifully designed marine reef aquarium, complete with all the hardware required for keeping a reef.
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    Brand: Fluval
  • Marine fish tank fill setup and livestock

    Experience the wonder of marine life with Fluval Evo Aquarium Kits, making the marine hobby simple and affordable. The multi-functional canopy provides ultimate convenience with an easy feed opening, as well as multi-directional dual output nozzles that can be adjusted to create customised water currents.
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  • Aqua One Aqua Reef 400 WHITE MARINE AQUARIUM +Extras TMC iLumenAir 1200 Maxspect

    The white finish AquaReef 400 from Aqua One is a luxurious, purposely designed aquarium for all salt water fish. This model is supplied fully assembled with built in overflow weir, plumbing and pipe work as well as a purpose designed sump.
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    Brand: Aqua One

    £1,349.00 to £1,749.00
    Brand: Red Sea
    Free postage
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  • Complete 4ft Marine Aquarium (Free Delivery)

    CUSTOM built Tanks & Aquariums. Almost any size
    £1,086.00 to £1,379.00
  • Complete 5ft Marine Aquarium (Free Delivery)

    CUSTOM built Tanks & Aquariums. Almost any size
    £1,237.00 to £1,535.00
  • Marine Aquarium Silver,5 feet, 500 litres complete setup

    For sale 500 litre marine aquarium. The cabinet is showing signs of ageing, some swelling from water spillage, hinges a little rusty. We've had the aquarium for 10 years now. The whole set up cost in excess of three times the listed price so quite a bargain.
    0 bidsEnding 3 Mar at 5:14PM GMT6d 6hCollection in person
  • Marine Full Setup Aquarium 4ft Fish Tank inc fishes and live rock tongo branch

    Marine Full Setup Aquarium 4ft Fish Tank. 50kg - 70kg of Premium Live rock including tongo branch live rock approx. Custom made 4ft x 2ft (120 cm x 60 cm) Marine Fish Tank with overflow. 10mm glass.
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  • Aqua one 275 Marine Aquarium

    Aqua one marine aquarium. Loads of live rock. All live stock included in pictures. Everything working, we just don't have the time due to new family commitments. There is a Yellow Goby and Lobster pair, also a decorator crab plus all the fish in photo's (pair of clowns, pair of yellow tailed damsels, striped damsel ,black and white humbug fish, baby starfish and a banded starfish) . Plenty of canisters for water, however boxes will be needed for live rock. This tank is VERY HEAVY so will need two people to pick it up. The base has been vinyl wrapped in carbon red, it looks very cool.... Advertised elsewhere so I reserve the right to end early if there are no bidders.
    0 bidsEnding 2 Mar at 10:30AM GMT5dCollection in personBrand: Aqua One
  • Marine Full Setup Aquarium Juwel Rio 125 Fish Tank

    Marine Full Setup Aquarium Juwel Rio 125 Fish Tank MORE DETAILS AND PICTURES TO COME
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    Brand: Juwel
  • complete marine aquarium set up

    Wish to keep as 1 lot, not split. Need to go to knowledgable home. Feed on flake, frozen & pellets. 5’ tank plus stand with 2 cupboards & shelf. Soft Coral selection. Glass has some scratches but doesn’t show when clean.
    0 bidsEnding 28 Feb at 9:01PM GMT3d 10hCollection in personBrand: Aqua One
  • Complete 3ft Marine Aquarium (Free Delivery)

    CUSTOM built Tanks & Aquariums. Almost any size
    £847.00 to £955.00
  • Complete 2ft Marine Aquarium (Free Delivery)

    CUSTOM built Tanks & Aquariums. Almost any size
  • Juwel Marine Tank Full Set Up with 7 fish 1 cleaner shrimp.All included

    It is a really nice tank and quiet, some of the fish i have got for four years. ( clawn fish orange and black, peacock wrasse, Blue damsel,Bicolor Angelfish,Blue tang, Matted filefish).
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Fluval
  • marine fish tank aqua 195

    Much loved my pride Marine tank for sale. 2 clown fish ( pair ). marine algae chaeto in the sump ( this reduced a lot of phosphate). Water test kit. 2 damsel. 1 heater. 2 wave makers with speed and wave control.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Aqua One
  • AquaOne 275 Complete Marine Aquarium Set Up

    AquaOne 275 litre Cube Marine Aquarium complete with cabinet and sump. This full set up includes 1 x Marine Pure Biological Filter Block. 1 x Hydra 52 LED light with streamline bracket & wireless controller.
    Collection in person
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  • Marine aquarium complete set up

    BEING SOLD AS COMPLETE SETUP Aqua one: 300 litre marine aquarium with cabinet in black. Tank and cabinet overall size (to fit gap) W: 1020mm. H: 1560mm. D: 540mm. Sump size. W: 630mm h: 400mm d: 540mm COMES WITH THE FOLLOWING MAXSPECT R420R LED LIGHT SYSTEM 160W WITH 6 POINT PROGRAM SYSTEM.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Aqua One
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  • RedSea Reefer / Hydra / Deltec / Jebao - Marine Reef Tank Aquarium FULL SYSTEM

    This ad is for a marine reef aquarium COMPLETE SETUP. The system has been running for less than a year. I am shutting down my tank due to relocation so I can no longer devote the time needed to my reef.
    Collection in person
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  • biOrb Life Portrait 60 Cold Water, White, Intelligent 24hr LED Light

    Like all Biorb aquariums, the BiOrb LIFE 60 uses special ceramic media to provide biological filtration, which has a surface area equivalent to the size of a football pitch. Available in black or white the BiOrb LIFE 60 is supplied as a coldwater aquarium.
    Brand: biOrb
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    TUNZE Aquarientechnik has developed a new generation of osmotic regulator, the 3152 Osmolator, which utilises a non-moving compact infra-red sensor for constant low water level regulation in freshwater and marine aquariums.
    Top Rated Plus
    Click & CollectBrand: Tunze
  • Red Sea Aiptasia X 500ml Aiptasia Glass anemone Remover

    Eliminate Aiptasia with Aiptasia-X In an exciting development for reef-keepers Red Sea has developed a unique patent pending formula to treat the pest anemones Aiptasia sp., Anemonia majano and Boloceroides sp.
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    Brand: Red Sea
    66 sold
  • Kent Marine Bio Reef Ready LED Aquarium 94 Litre

    Box Contains 1 x Kent Marine Bio Reef 94l Aquarium6 x 1 Watt Marine White & 4 x 0.5 Watt blue1 x 2000 litre per hour flow rate wave maker pump1 x Kent Marine Nano skimmer1 x 1000 litre per hour circulation pump1 x heater in heater chamber1 x Complete filtration system.
    Free postage
  • A4L Braceless Aquarium 1800mm 600mm 600mm. Steel Framed Cabinet. Opti White

    Steel Framed Cabinet Clad in High Gloss White Acrylic. 580 L. Steel Frame is Powder-Coated; has Adjustable feet to ensure 100% level aquarium; rubber lined base; Removable steel braces; Push-catch opening & Soft-close hinges.
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