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Enjoy Some Speed and Race your Friends with Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a much-loved gamed from Nintendo which sees players racing with and against their favourite characters from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. There are plenty of tricks and gimmicks to enjoy along the way, as well as many fun racing tracks to complete. With versions of the game available across the Nintendo console range, there will be a copy of the game that is perfect for you on eBay. You can even pick up accessories to make your gameplay more fun.

What consoles can Mario Kart be played on?

The first release of Mario Kart was in 1992 when it was originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. A version of the game has since been released for every subsequent Nintendo console, including:

  • Nintendo DS: This version features dual-screen play and an online multiplayer mode.
  • Nintendo Wii: This version introduced motorbikes and also six new characters.
  • Nintendo 3DS: Introduced 3D graphics and submersible karts.
  • Nintendo Switch: Benefits from high-definition graphics and anti-gravity racing.
What are the modes of play?

Mario Kart boasts four different modes of play. Grand Prix mode sees players compete to win various cups, with the outcome from four races determining the ultimate winners. Time Trials is a single-player mode of the game in which players race against themselves to try and complete a track in the fastest time possible. VS Race is a version which sees human-players race against each other, there will be computer players to fill up the track but the ultimate race is between the humans. Lastly, Battle sees players competing in an arena. Each player has three balloons which pop when a player is hit. The aim is to be the last person standing with at least one balloon intact.

What is Mario Kart?

Mario Kart sees players competing in go-kart racing around tracks that are designed to be colourful and fun. There are tricks and turns throughout the game in the form of mystery boxes. In these, players can find power-up items to boost their progress, or items that can be used to jeopardise the progress of other players. The spin-off from the Super Mario Bros. games has proved to be extremely well-loved, and there have been eight versions of the game released.

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