Market Stalls

Market Stalls

Running a successful market stall can provide a varied and rewarding income. Of course, all thats needed to set up is the pitch, the stall, the display stands and a relevant licence. Browse through various market stalls in different styles and sizes to find ones perfectly suited to your business.

Trestle Tables

If your pitch is indoors, the very minimum youll require is a trestle table or two. Various sizes and finishes are available and all are collapsible for easy transport and storage.

Pop-up Waterproof Gazebos

If your pitch is outdoors, one of the least expensive ways to get going is to purchase a gazebo style market stall. They come in a small range of sizes complete with covers that can be half or full sided, or with just a roof and no sides at all.

Market Stall Frames

Market stall frames really are for the professional indoor and outdoor trader. Theyre in kit form so easily transportable. Theyre also available in various square and rectangular sizes, from simple front facing designs to open plan, walk in, interior and tabled configurations.


If youre outdoors youll need tarpaulins to cover the structure of your market stall and the flooring. Tarpaulin comes in many sizes and strengths, from lightweight to super heavyweight. Look out for tarpaulins that have been treated for UV lighting, that are mould proof and fade and shrink resistant.

Display Stands

Whether youre indoors on a simple trestle table or outdoors in a 20 by 20 feet walk in emporium, nothing gets customers buying more than a great retail display. Among the many display units available are multi-shelving and floor standing modules to give the look of your stall that professional boost.

Smaller Items

No less important to the professional market stall holder are all of the smaller things that go to make the whole a success. Find plastic and steel spring clamps, traders money belts, paper bags, gift boxes, S and J hooks, hangers and hanger cubes and even portable sinks.