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Got one to sell?

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Marks and Spencer Women's Handbags

Choosing a high quality handbag is an important decision. It will store your belongings and keep them safe from harm, whilst looking stylish and attractive at the same time. There is a large variety of Marks and Spencer women's handbags available and each has their own flair and style.

Handbag materials

Marks and Spencer handbags come in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials. This makes them the perfect accessory to any outfit as they are easily matched to colour and pattern.

Leather handbags are stain resistant, water resistant, tough, durable and attractive in appearance. Marks and Spencer leather handbags can match most situations and outfits, as there are not many places a leather handbag does not fit in.

Leather can come in a wide variety of colours and, depending on the 'finish' used to protect it, can be a darker shade or even be reflective to appear shiny.

Suede is similar to leather, but lacks of waterproof and durability properties in return for a smoother, silkier feel. These handbags are softer and aesthetically pleasing.

Faux leather handbags are an animal friendly alternative to real leather. It is a water resistant plastic with an attractive appearance.

Marks and Spencer synthetic handbags made of materials such as polyester, although they are cheaper, they are typically more prone to wear and tear and may fade over time. They are resistant to washing and tend not to shrink or become wash damaged, but make sure to check the washing instructions beforehand to make sure.

Canvas and cotton are made of fabric threads with cotton being the lightweight option to the typically heavier and more durable canvas. Both of them have the advantage of being able to hold print, meaning they can come in a range of colours and patterns. Some even have pictures, slogans or logos printed on the side.

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