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Got one to sell?

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Marvel Select Comic Book Heroes Action Figures

Marvel select comic book heroes action figures are a line of figurines based on characters from the Marvel Universe. The select line was originally intended for sale within independent comic book retailers and therefore features a range of rare and uncommon models. As of 2017, 137 model designs have been released with a further eight intended for the near future.

Select models tend to stand around seven inches high, although sizes do vary. Models feature impressively designed bases, often detailing scenery such as defeated villains or articulated props. Many models are available within their original packaging.


There are a number of Spider-Man models, including the Ultimate Spider-Man with a base featuring a burglar webbed to a wall and a base featuring a destroyed car. The Amazing Spider-Man is available with both inter-changeable hands and an awning base, as well as in a metallic costume. Black Spider-Man is available on a rooftop with a gargoyle design ledge, and the Spectacular Spider-Man is available unmasked or with a loose fitting mask.

The Avengers

There are a wide variety of Avengers heroes and villains on offer. Models include Ultimate Captain America with flag, shield and a WWII base, Black Widow with a cave wall base, Iron Man with removable armour, Ultimate Hulk with a scenic base and Ultimate Thor with a Mjolnir and defeated Giant Man base.


X-Men models include the Original Wolverine on a forest display base featuring wolves. Ultimate Wolverine features an injured Magneto. The "Days of Future Past" Wolverine features a Katherine Pride wanted poster base. The X-Men origins base features Wolverine beside a dumpster. Cyclops is available with an interchangeable masked or mask-less head, and appears on a danger room base. Gambit is depicted with a staff, charged cards, and appears on a danger room base. Storm also features on a danger room base. X-Men select models also feature a Zombie Magneto standing on a rubble base with a severed Green Goblin Limb.

Other Models

There are a huge range of heroes and villains available within the select range. Other models feature characters from the Dr Strange, Deadpool , the Fantastic Four, and Iron Man comics.

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