What You Should Know When Buying Massage Couch Rolls

Couch rolls have become the preferred choice over towels as they can be thrown away after each client. This ensures that sanitary standards are maintained. Couch rolls on eBay are sold new, with individual rolls hermetically sealed to ensure sanitation. Many clinicians prefer to buy rolls in bulk, but if you are trying out a new brand, you can sometimes find individual rolls.

What sizes do couch rolls come in?

The standard size of beauty couch rolls is 20 inches wide by 40 metres long. However, if you prefer, you can find longer rolls. A longer roll will be heavier to handle, but you may prefer buying longer rolls so you have to purchase rolls less often. Most couch rolls have perforations every 40 centimetres. If your couch is longer than 40 centimetres, you want to buy the rolls that tear at 50 centimetres instead. You may also prefer the rolls that tear at 50 centimetres if you want a little extra paper when covering your couch. The size of your furniture will dictate which type of rolls you want to get.

Are blue couch rolls different than white rolls?

When searching for cheap couch rolls, you will see that they come in two main colours: blue and white. In terms of size and quality, there is not a difference between the two. Most blue rolls are made from recycled paper, but you can also find white rolls that are, too. Some practitioners like the white rolls because they feel they impart a sense of cleanliness. Others feel that white gets dirty too easily and so they opt for the blue rolls. It all depends on your personal preference, and the colours and decor of your office.

Couch roll vs. hygiene roll

A couch roll that is only 10 inches wide is referred to as a hygiene roll. These smaller rolls are not intended to be used for couches and tables. Instead, they are used to keep work surfaces clean and for services such as manicures and pedicures. The paper used to make all couch rolls can double as a cleaning and wiping paper. The smaller size of the hygiene rolls makes this a better size if you need to use the paper for these purposes. The quality of hygiene rolls is the same as the larger couch rolls. Both types are two-ply and come with perforations. Many offices use both couch rolls and hygiene rolls for different purposes.