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Collect a Piece of Toy History with Vintage Matchbox Cars

Matchbox cars have been around since the 1950s and have been a staple in the toy aisle for multiple generations. Collecting new and used antique Matchbox cars is not just ideal for displays and car lovers, but the older cars still work as great toys for children. Learn about the cars and things to look for when browsing sales and listings.

Matchbox repair lots

Among the low-priced original Matchbox cars for sale are a number of eBay lots that feature groups of toy cars sold for repair. The cars will have cosmetic issues, broken parts, and missing wheels, but the condition makes them incredibly affordable. With a repair lot of cheap Matchbox cars for sale, you have the ability to upgrade and fix other Matchbox cars. By mixing and matching parts, you can create pristine toy cars that roll evenly, work with toy tracks, or can be displayed without any major issues.

What should you look for in mint Matchbox car listings?

The purchase of mint original Matchbox cars is an ideal way to start a collection or find your favorite car models exactly how they were intended. As you shop for packaged old Matchbox cars, there are several things to keep an eye out for. The first thing is the package the car comes in. Older versions of Matchbox cars actually came in boxes, so check for a sealed box or a box in mint condition with no dents or wear. Newer Matchbox cars will feature a bubble container for the toy cars. Check the cardboard card eBay pictures for any creases or bends. Check the car itself for any discoloration due to sun exposure. Often, cheap vintage Matchbox toys may be listed cheaper due to the small changes with the packaging. Even if the package is damaged, the car often remains mint and is ideal for display.

What accessories come with old Matchbox trucks and cars?

Many Matchbox cars come with just the car, but over the years, there have been numerous Matchbox cars packaged with small accessories. The Matchbox Pro Racers, for instance, included small "Looney Tunes" figurines on the top of the cars. Some Matchbox trucks came with small plastic accessories, like bikes or motorcycles, for the back of the truck. Farm-based cars may feature small plastic animals, like dogs or horses. A lot of construction vehicles include extra accessories, like miniature building materials and traffic cones.

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