Matte Liquid Lipsticks

You might think that matte lipsticks always have to be the traditional bullet shaped pop up stick, but the latest lipstick trends are veering in the direction of matte liquid lipsticks. Make up companies have been experimenting with different formulations and have come up with the perfect blend of glossy liquid and a matte finish that allows for all sorts of added creativity.

A matte lipstick can be an incredibly versatile addition to your lipstick collection, especially if combined with other products such as a conservative application of gloss.

Matte lipstick has real staying power

Matte liquid lipsticks quite often have much stronger staying power and are more waterproof than high fashion glosses, which have a habit of coming off onto everything you eat or drink. This is a problem you won't have with a good quality matte lipstick, although oily foods can sometimes wreak havoc on your carefully applied lip colour.

A matteliquid lipstick gives you the added flexibility to mix up your shades, but there are a few things that you need to remember when you treat yourself to a stunning Kat von D matte liquid lipstick or a something pretty from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Exfoliate your lips for the best results

If you're opting for a matte liquid lipstick you need to treat your lips with care because unlike an easy to wear gloss or a forgiving creamy shade, a matte lip can often be high maintenance.

Make sure that you work with a smooth surface and use a little lip exfoliator to achieve the perfect pout before you apply your matte lip colour. You can use oil and sugar as a scrub, so it doesn't have to be expensive. If you keep your lips in luscious condition, you'll be able to wear matte lipstick with confidence every time. Hydrating matte liquid lipsticks will also help keep your lips soft and moisturised.