Matte Long Lasting Lipsticks

Matte Long Lasting Lipstick

Matte long lasting lipstick is designed to protect your look once it has been perfected. There is nothing more disheartening than having your perfectly prepared make up disappear just ten minutes after leaving the house.

Busy lifestyles, changes in temperatures and changes in clothing can all contribute to fading or slipping lipstick, so to ensure you stay looking your best throughout the day and night, its important to get your choice of lipstick right.

A matte long lasting lipstick is made up of flat pigment and also contains silicone oil which seals the colour to your lips, enabling it to stay put longer than other types of lipstick. This means no more losing your lipstick on the rim of a cup, no more mess on your clothing and no transferring your lipstick to friends and family that you greet with a kiss.

Choosing the perfect colour

When you wear a long lasting lipstick that will stay with you all day, its important to ensure that you are happy with your choice of colour. Luckily. matte lipstick comes in a huge variety of shades and colours, from rich ruby red, to natural nude or candyfloss pink.

Whatever your age, there is a shade to suit your skin tone, skin type and personal preferences.

Matte long lasting lipstick comes in a variety of applicators

As well as the commonly-found matte stick lipstick , you can also buy long-lasting matte lipstick in a liquid format. Contrary to popular belief, matte liquid lipsticks are not just reserved for the glossy look, but can provide the perfect balance between a smooth and easy to apply lipstick and a modern matte look.

You can also choose a crayon matte long-lasting lipstick or a long-lasting lipstick in a cream format. This type of formulation is fairly new yet has taken the world by storm thanks to its versatility and the fact that it glides on smoothly, has a silky feel, yet sets to a matte finish.