Keep on Trucking with a Mazda Pickup

For a combination of style, economy, and comfort, it's hard to beat Mazda's range of pickup trucks. If you're looking for a Mazda pickup, whether new or used, you'll find a fantastic range of them on eBay. You'll see plenty of variety and lots of photos to browse through to ensure you pick up your ideal pickup.

Which engine is right for your Mazda pickup?

Lightly used Mazda pickups can be found with a variety of factory-fitted engines, and it's important to read eBay listings carefully to make certain the one you choose has the unit you want. The 2.5-litre naturally aspirated diesel models are useful if economy is at the top of your priorities list, whereas a turbodiesel version has a bit more grunt and might be a more comfortable choice if you intend on doing a lot of motorway driving.

You may find Mazda pickups under many model names

Although you're likely to see these trucks referred to as B-series vehicles or simply Mazda pickups, keep an eye out for some alternative terms that have been used on overseas variants. The Mazda Bravo hails from Australia, while New Zealand's version is known as the Bounty. Other right-hand-drive markets have included South Africa, where the truck is called the Drifter, and Thailand, where it was produced under the Proceed name. Thai pickups can be found with no fewer than three names: the Mazda Magnum, Thunder, and Fighter may have different branding, but they're all Mazda pickups.

What's important to check when buying a used Mazda pickup?

As you'd expect from a pickup truck, Mazda made these vehicles with toughness in mind. Used examples may have been worked hard, though, so look at the following:

  • Oil pump: This may need replacing if there's any problem with oil starvation to the engine; ask questions if you need to.
  • Gearbox: Check listings to ensure that fifth gear, in particular, is still working well and that gear changes remain smooth.
  • Engine: Although Mazda's engine was designed to be sturdy and tough, look carefully at photos to see whether it still looks clean and well kept.
Later Mazda pickups have additional safety equipment

Models in the B-series range had progressively more safety equipment added as time went on. By the time of the later models in the mid-2000s, you could expect to find the likes of airbags for both front seats, as well as a limited slip differential on four-wheel-drive models to keep traction under control. Models with the Barracuda branding also boast ABS brakes. If you pick a four-door Mazda pickup, check that the small "jump seats" are in good order, as these are likely to be where kids sit.