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Mego Military and Adventure Action Figures

The Mego Corporation was a toy company that began making toys in the 1950s.It became famous in the 1970s for producing licensed Mego military and adventure action figures, as well as celebrity dolls and a line of toys called the Micronauts . In 1982, Mego declared bankruptcy and the business ceased to exist in 1983.

For a period during the 1970s, Mego Corporation's line of 8 inch scale action figures with interchangeable bodies were considered the industry standard.

Mego adventure action figures

Mego action figures, which include the long running 'World's Greatest Super Heroes' line of action figures, are highly sort after collectibles. Mego began producing 'World's Greatest Super Heroes' action figures in 1972 and continued until its closure in 1983.

The range included superhero and villain action figures from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Batman, Aquaman and Superman figures were produced first. Action figures in solid boxes are the earliest kind produced, as later versions of the toy action figures were sold in 'window' style boxes.

Mego military action figures

Mego began producing its Mego military action figure range in 1976. This consisted of a limited collection of World War II-styled military action figures . These figures were mostly made to be 6 inches (15cm) and included Johnny Action and Combat Man action figures.

Another, more modern, range of Mego military action figures were released between 1981 and 1982. These were called Eagle Force and were a line of 2 3⁄4 inch (7cm) diecast action figures. Mego Eagle Force were themed as a counter terrorist task force. The toy range was produced as a direct reaction to the change in public mood for patriotism.

The card that each Eagle Force character is packaged with has the look of a comic book and depicts a short comic book adventure on the back.

As these action figures are no longer in production they are a popular collectors' item. Mego action figures that are in mint condition are especially sought after.

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