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Expand Your Collection of Meissen Porcelain China

Meissen developed the first porcelain made in Europe. After initially dabbling in red Böttger stoneware, production of the first porcelain china pieces began in 1713. There's a wide variety of pre-owned Meissen porcelain figurines, tableware, and other collector's pieces that can easily be found on eBay.

What were marks used by Meissen in the 1700s?

Since Meissen porcelain was considered high-quality, other manufacturers started trying to mimic its qualities. Therefore, the company started marking their pieces. These marks changed over time to include:

  • 1723 - 1756: Pieces bore the initials KPM, standing for Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur.
  • 1756 - 1773: The company used blue underwash to mark their pieces with two crossed swords. A dot was placed between the handles of the swords.
  • 1774 - 1814: An asterisk was found between two crossed swords.
Types of items made by Meissen Porcelain

Since 1723, Meissen has made many types of items, including:

  • Tableware: This company made many patterns of dinnerware, including their Swan Service, which contains over 1,000 distinct pieces. The company is also famous for creating the Blue Onion pattern, showcasing peony and aster blooms.
  • Figurines: Johann Joachim Kändler and Johann Jakob Kirchner were responsible for creating many Neoclassical figurines for Meissen.
  • Vases, urns, and covered vessels: Starting in about 1739, the company created many vases, urns and covered vessels in the Neoclassical style, with most being outlined in gold.
  • Candelabras: Most Meissen porcelain candelabras feature a figure holding the candlesticks. The entire candelabra is usually outlined in gold.
  • Clocks: Meissen porcelain shelf clocks date from at least the 1920s, and you may find new or used Meissen shelf clocks on eBay.
Can you find new Meissen jewellery on eBay?

As of 2019, Meissen still continues to make new Meissen porcelain jewellery pieces that may be available on eBay. For example, you may want to consider the 1739 Royal Blossom ring with its hand-painted porcelain flowers decorated with gemstones. You may also want to consider Meissen necklaces, including the three-leaf, pave necklace containing 49 diamonds that was first created for King Augustus III to give to his wife.

Are there any Meissen porcelain clocks?

Yes, Meissen offered and offers a variety of porcelain shelf clocks. Most of these clocks have porcelain figures holding the clock face. Many, like the Puttos clock, were first designed in the 1920s and have mechanical eight-day pendulum movements.

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