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Melodicas produce a sound that is similar to a keyboard harmonica. The right-handed rectangular instrument is held in one hand and played by the other.

Often known as the wind piano, the melodica is a free reed system that is fitted with a small keyboard and a mouthpiece. 

Differences between vintage and modern melodicas

  • Vintage design – Before advancements in modern technology, vintage melodicas comprised of an air chamber and keyboard and featured a built-in mouthpiece at one end.
  • Modern detail – Modern melodicas are supplied with a flexible tube to blow into instead of a mouthpiece. This allows for easy movement and viewing from different angles whilst playing. Some models are supplied with short and long flex tubes.
  • Sound similarities – When multiple keys are pressed on the melodica the notes that are played can sound like an accordion.

Style variations – Melodicas are available in soprano, alto and bass.

Different types of melodica

  • Vintage – Classic vintage melodicas are made from durable plastic and feature a built-in mouthpiece. The compact design is available in soprano and alto and features standard black and white keys. Many vintage models are supplied in their own travel case.
  • 26 key – Vintage 26 key melodicas usually come with a selection of mouthpieces and can have a curved design.
  • 32 key – The modern 32 key melodica can be set on a table or held in the hand. The wind piano keyboard is made from durable resin and includes a long bendy attachment with a mouthpiece at the end.
  • 37 key – The largest melodica boasts 37 keys and two standard flexible mouthpiece attachments in different lengths. The short and long pipes allow for intuitive play. A semi rigid case is also supplied for easy transportation of the instrument.
  • Wood melodica – Most melodicas are made from durable plastic. The wood melodica has reeds that are made from metal, like a harmonica.
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