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Men's 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs

From the traditional use of handkerchiefs by children for carrying small items, to their use as a fashion accessory alongside high end suits , handkerchiefs are nothing if not versatile. The range of men's 100% cotton handkerchiefs includes a wide range of styles and designs.

Whilst handkerchiefs are often only carried part of more formal outfits, there are many reasons why carrying a handkerchief is a good idea. Whether plain or monogrammed, neutral or patterned, nothing is more useful when it comes to blowing your nose or wiping your hands when there's not a tissue in sight.

Why buy 100% cotton handkerchiefs

There are many advantages to buying handkerchiefs made from 100% cotton, starting with the fact that it's a high quality natural material. It's also a lot more environmentally friendly to carry and use a handkerchief rather than disposable tissues. Cotton is kind to the skin, so it will be nicer on your sore nose and it dries quickly so it won't be an inconvenience to carry around afterwards.

100% cotton is a very durable, quality material so handkerchiefs made with cotton are likely to be robust. It makes sense that if you're going to buy handkerchiefs, you should look at a well-made, high quality set that will last - particularly if you're considering having them monogrammed, or including any other kind of personalisation.

More good reasons to accessorise with a good 100% cotton handkerchief include the fact that it provides an easy way to deal with hot weather, a useful way to ensure you can clean up any spills and of course, a handy accessory to offer to any damsels in distress that you happen upon. White cotton is the traditional choice but there are many brightly coloured and even patterned options that are also available.

Whilst pocket squares are typically made of silk, these are also found in high quality 100% cotton and are an essential accompaniment to a smart suit. These date back to the 1920s but have enjoyed resurgence as vintage styles have come back into favour in recent years. Popular ways to wear pocket squares include the simple flat fold where the material is folded simply into right angles and the TV fold where the handkerchief is folded on the diagonal with the point in the suit pocket. There are at least 15 ways to wear a pocket square so do your research to find your preferred option and ensure you can do the fold correctly.

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