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Men's 100% Woolen Top Hats

Top hats are generally worn for weddings, special occasions or fancy dress. Men's 100% woolen top hats are a more affordable option to the more formal satin top hat.

Choose a new or vintage woollen top hat , ensuring you check the size before you buy.

Measuring for size

To get the right size of top hat, measure around your head, approximately 1/8 of an inch above your ears, so that the tape goes across the middle of your forehead. The tape should be firm but not too tight. This is where the hat will rest. There are a range of sizes available to suit every head shape. If yours falls between two sizes, choose the larger one or the hat will be too tight.

Check the condition of the hat

The crown, or main part of the top hat should not be worn or have any dents in it. While some dents may come out, not all do. Any wear to the wool will affect the look and cannot be repaired.

Men's formal woollen top hats usually come as part of a formal suit and therefore the colour matches the suit. A wide range of colours are available, though traditionally they are black and occasionally grey. In keeping with a modern quirky trend, top hats can also be purchased sporting a number of patterns and designs, as well as costume styles such as Steampunk top hats .

The shape of the brim can affect the overall appearance, so check that this matches the style. Dress top hats will be raised on both sides, whereas fancy dress ones may have a lip all the way around.

The inside of the hat will have a band which sits on the forehead and this band should be intact. If it is not, it can make the hat very uncomfortable to wear.

If the hat has a silk band, this should have no wear and tear and it's worth checking if the band is sewn on or if it can be removed. These too can come in a range of colours. Traditionally they would match the colour of the hat itself, but for a more daring aesthetic can differ or even clash.

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