Add Inches to Your Height with Men's Cuban Shoes

If you would like to add an inch or two to your height, men's Cuban heels are for you. Cuban heels don't just instantly increase your height, but they also provide you with that lean, long, rockstar look. They change your gait and make your legs look longer than they are. Buy men's Cuban heels on eBay if you always wanted to be that little bit taller.

How are men's Cuban shoes designed?

Cuban heels are ankle-high, have a pointed toe, and fit tightly. Undoubtedly, the most unique thing about them is the heels. The heels are moderate in height and broad, which give them that distinct masculine look. The front is straight, and the rear is slightly tapered.

What outfits do men's Cuban heels look good with?

Cuban heels look good when paired with skin-tight, dark jeans and narrow-lapelled, slimline jackets. These shoes even pair nicely with tight-fitting, classic suits. Also, Cuban heels go well with waistcoats, unbuttoned shirts, leather trousers, and white silk scarves.

How can you kill it with men's Cuban heels?

Slipping into heels can be uncomfortable if you are wearing a pair for the first time, but that is something you can master in no time. The bigger challenge is to style the Cuban heels right. Here are some tips:

  • Stick to neutral, classic colours. Also, the toes should be rounded off. Fancy prints or pointy toes can make you look less masculine.
  • Your trousers should end near your ankle.
  • Ensure you wear Cuban heels with slim-fit, leg-hugging trousers.
  • Make sure those heels are not more than a few inches high, particularly if you're on the short side, as this could look a little strange.
Where did men's Cuban heels get their name from?

The shoes got their unique name during the 1930s when they were the shoes of choice of several Cuban dancers and musicians. The Cuban artists favoured these shoes because they believed a shoe that's taller and has a tapering heel will up their machismo and style. Generally, the Cuban heel is higher than a regular boot heel - about 1.5 inches compared to the conventional one-inch boot heels. In the United States, the heel design was first used in cowboy boots for two reasons. First, it ensured that the cowboys' feet did not slide forward due to their stirrups. Second, the angled heel enabled cowboys to be dragged by the ground when roping steers.