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Seduce and Excite in Men's Erotic Underwear

Choosing men's erotic underwear for yourself or as a gift is, of course, a matter of taste. From novelty rude boxer shorts in lycra to strap thongs in latex, eBay offers a broad range of men's erotic underwear to suit every taste.

Features of men's erotic underwear

Men's erotic underwear is more than just a groin covering. When deciding what style to choose, you have a vast range of options to consider:

  • Bottomless: Designed like a jockstrap with straps or strings to lift the buttocks, this type of underwear can add additional visual enjoyment to the most mundane of tasks.
  • Zipper: This style has strategically placed zips to allow access to either the buttocks or the penis. Usually made of PVC or a leather variant to ensure that the zippers are held in place.
  • Codpiece: Cupping the penis and accentuating size, this type of erotic underwear offers increased restriction as excitement builds.
  • Lacing: Available in all materials, men's erotic underwear with lacing adds visual enjoyment, as well as being fun during the act of putting on or taking off the underwear.
Can you find extra-large men's erotic underwear on eBay?

Yes. For the larger man in your life, there are plenty of options for erotic men's underwear. As well as the standard XS to XL sizes, browse eBay listings for 2XL and 3XL, or one-size-fits-all underwear made from stretch fabrics with elasticated waists.

Materials of men's erotic underwear

All materials have an associated sensation, and you can choose men's erotic underwear made from:

  • Satin: Smooth to the touch and sensational against the skin, satin is a classic fabric for erotic underwear.
  • Latex: For fetishwear and tactile enjoyment, latex erotic underwear offers excellent constructive properties, which is why it's often used in penis sheath underwear styles. For holding it in or accentuating it when it's up, also consider neoprene and PVC.
  • Lycra: Stretchy and shape hugging, lycra underwear is easy to wash and re-wear. Choose a blended fabric style for breathability and comfort.
  • Leather: Waterproof and potentially restrictive, leather, faux leather, and patent leather are all commonly available materials for men's erotic underwear.
  • Mesh: To visually excite a partner and personally enjoy the delicacy required in handling, consider mesh, lace, or sheer fabrics.
Can you wear men's erotic underwear under office wear?

Yes. Although certain styles are designed to accentuate the penis when erect, many other types can be worn discreetly under professional clothing, offering an extra frisson to your daily activities. These include string thongs, strap thongs, leather codpieces, and mesh fishnet penis pouch pants.

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