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Men's Garnet Rings

Men's garnet rings come in a broad range of styles and designs, from chunky sterling silver to elegant 9 carat gold.

Men's signet rings were historically important as identification marks, but nowadays are worn as a fashion item or statement accessories. Signet rings are often worn by men as a sign of sophistication and may be adorned with gems and crystals, where they were previously simply engraved.

Garnet stones are red in colour. The classic red stone has a long history, but modern garnets can come in almost any colour. When choosing a garnet ring, consider the colour, clarity and cut, as well as the carat weight.

Red garnets are more commonly cut into shapes and set into jewellery, these are usually very transparent with a high clarity. The stones are popular not just because of their beauty but because of their hardness and durability, which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Garnets are also known as the birthstone for the month of January and are the stone that celebrates the second marriage anniversary.

Vintage garnet rings are perfect for a classic and elegant look. Vintage men's rings are usually crafted from hardwearing gold with solid claws for keeping the garnet in place. They often feature intricate designs to the shank, especially where it joins to the jewel.

Choose a simple band with a single stone, a graduating shank with a large stone, or a multi-stone design to suit your style.

The cross-sectional width of a band is what decides how 'chunky' a ring looks, so choose whether you want a thick, chunky ring or a slender, more subtle one.

Another decision is what metal to go for. Gold comes in different colours, weights and solidity. 24 carat is solid gold and lower carats are less pure. Sterling silver is a cheaper alternative to gold, or choose platinum for a precious metal.

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