Men's Golf Shoes

Mens Golf Shoes

The type of mens golf shoes youll need will change depending on the terrain and the weather. One of the most popular materials for golf shoes is leather and theyre a good option for almost any situation. You can also find anything from mesh to GORE-TEX shoes, so its worth doing your homework before investing in a pair.

As well as looking at the functionality of the fabric for your shoes, you might have a certain look or price point in mind. You will also need to think about the sole when shopping for a particular place or time of the year. When it comes to cost, its good to see what you can find in the used and new with defects categories. This can give you more options for your money.


A classic golf shoe choice, leather shoes are hardwearing, practical and look the part. Big sporting brands like Callaway, ECCO, Footjoy, Puma and Sketchers have a collection of leather golfing shoes to choose from.

Some examples include spikeless golf shoes from big brands like Adidas to waterproof, thermal winter golf boots.


For hotter climates, a mesh golf shoe can give you more comfort while walking the green. They are usually breathable and still have a robustness that will make them last even after some serious mileage.

You can find items such as classic white golfing shoes in white by brands like Nike to breathable, mesh golfing shoes without spikes.


The variety of synthetic materials for golf shoes is vast but one of the most popular is microfibre. This partly because they work well in terms of allowing your feet to breathe and the fibres are strong.

Typical products include waterproof spiked shoes for extra grip and lightweight trainer styles with cushioned insoles and soft spikes.