Men's Golf Shorts

Men's golf shorts are ideal for keeping cool and improving movement when the weather is warm. When choosing the right shorts for you, it is crucial that you consider the style, fit and material of the garment to ensure maximum comfort.

Companies that are famous for making high quality golfing equipment like Callaway, Ping and Taylormade also have their lines of golfing wear. Due to being experts in the field, men's golf shorts created by these brands often come with unique features that help to improve movement and comfort whilst out on the course. Although it must be noted that these brands are often more expensive than unbranded and non-golfing brands.

As well as the famous golfing brands, some of the world's biggest athletic brands, such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas have released their own lines of men's golf shorts, offering everything from casual, loose-fitting shorts to more formal pieces that can be worn outside of the golf course.


The style of men's golf shorts you buy is often dictated by your age. The current fashion in golfing wear points to shorts ending at the kneecap. Often, younger golfers such as teens and under-30s wear shorts that end below the knee or above it; cargo shorts are usually the style of choice for a younger golfer as they can be worn anywhere, not just on the course.

Golfers that prefer to follow tradition usually choose pleated shorts, however, in recent years, it seems that many golfers prefer to wear shorts with a flat front.

For something a bit more eye-catching, shorts from Royal and Awesome feature bright colours and striking designs. With either diamonds, union jack designs and paisley prints, these shorts come in a varied range of different styles, perfect for the modern golfer.