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Men's Leather Braces

Men's leather braces can add flair to your fashion style. The right pair of braces elevates your look and improves your physical posture.

The benefits of wearing men's leather braces

Adjustable men's leather braces are designed to provide a customised fit whatever your shape or size. The button loops or clasps secure the straps in place and ensure a comfortable fit.

Adjusting the waist height of trousers eases discomfort and helps to correct the posture. Men's leather braces support this adjustment.

Leather braces keep trousers at the correct height on the body, to avoid under the stomach positioning. The braces hold the trousers up at the proper waistline, and also prevent underwear and shirts from getting bunched up.

A stylish pair of men's leather braces can update your look. Choose different styles and wear in imaginative ways.

Standard features of men's leather braces

Men's leather braces are designed to provide comfortable support, so that trousers hang perfectly on the body. Braces therefore adjust to accommodate size and stature.

Leather braces were originally designed with loops at the ends. The button loops fit over buttons that are sewn in the inside waist of the trousers.

Modern styles of men's braces feature metal clasps at the ends, instead of the traditional button loops. The clasps are easy to open and secure to the waistband of the trousers.

Different types of men's leather braces

Mod and punk styles of men's leather braces are designs that were popular during a particular fashion period. Retro styles are typically designed to look like something older, and are usually less expensive than vintage.

Vintage men's leather braces date back to periods before the 1960s, and feature traditional button ends.

Modern men's faux leather braces incorporate a variety of styles and designs that are influenced by fashion styles of the past.

Patterned leather braces such as striped braces or polka dot braces add a sense of character to the outfit.

Men's leather braces are available from designer fashion houses and budget high street brands.