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Mens Leather Hats

Men's leather hats are fashionable accessories that complement all styles of casual and more formal clothing. Some hat styles are worn for practical and functional purposes, whilst other types are chosen as a fashion statement.

Reasons to wear men's leather hats

Hats protect the head against UV sun rays, wind and rain.

There are many different kinds of hats that are suitable for different types of occasions. The size, style and material of the hat that you choose to wear typically depends on the season and climate.

Men's leather hats can give your personal style a sense of originality and individuality. They can also boost your confidence if you are sensitive about hair loss.

Different styles of men's leather hats

The most popular type of hat, the baseball cap is compact and lightweight and ideal for everyday wear. The cap traditionally has a flat visor with an adjustable snap back, and air vent holes.

Traditionally worn by working class men, the flat cap has a rounded top with a small stiff brim. Flat cap leather hats are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

Usually worn for sports, the visor is a crownless hat that has a visor brim to protect the eyes from the sun. Although the top of the head is not protected, the visor shields the eyes, cheeks and nose.

Sometimes known as a Derby, the bowler hat is made from hardened felt and has a rounded crown and small upturned brim.

The fashionable beanie is a knitted pull on hat. Leather beanies are typically made from 100% sheepskin Shearling and feature a wide turn up.

The trilby is a classic gentleman's hat that has an indented crown and a narrow brim.

Leather cowboy hats take their style inspiration from the Stetson brand, the 'original hat of the West'.

Sometimes called a 'digger' hat, the distinctive leather bush hat has a slouch design with a wide brim for protection.

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