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Men's Linen Coats and Jackets

Add a lightweight and smart layer to any look with men's linen coats and jackets. Linen jackets and suits are often favoured in hotter countries due to its cooling properties.

Linen is a natural fibre, best produced from flax that is hand-harvested. Linen is stronger with more longevity than cotton, meaning that it can be worn for years to come. The fibres make the material become softer and shinier with every wash, with the material being resistant to stretching and abrasion damage.

The lightweight jackets and coats are ideal for the spring and summer seasons and can be found from a mixture of high-end designers and high-street retailers. The jackets are less structured than winter coats and suits so are often simple in design, with lighter colours often being the most popular.

Linen outdoor coats can come in a number of lengths and styles, not just as blazers . Zip up coats are available in a number of different colours and styles from lightweight, hip length jackets to hefty parkas.

Linen in Summer

Linen clothes are ideal for wearing in hot weather as they keep you cool. They have a stiff weave that is less likely to cling to the skin and allow more air to flow over the body. It is also quick drying and permeable so the air flows through the fabric, cooling it down and allowing the body to breathe.

Linen easily absorbs moisture and evaporates quickly from the garment, meaning that your jacket or coat will not feel hot or clammy. The material is heat conductive, which means that is lets the heat escape quickly, providing further cooling.

How to Wear

Because of the material's structure, linen jackets often have an unstructured and relaxed fit, although they can seem a little more casual than other suits, such as those made with cotton.

Be confident with the jacket's relaxed style, but pair it with a crisp, cotton shirt to contrast textures and give it a smarter appearance.

How to Buy

When looking for quality linen, you can trust in the high quality of linen that has been woven in Italian mills, due to the Italian expertise in working with the fine yarns.

Since linen is long lasting and gets better with age, it is advisable to invest in quality linen. A linen suit will last for many years in your wardrobe.

Pure linen is a bit of a rarity these days so is often found blended with cotton or silk. Cotton-linen blends are much more affordable than pure linen and bring the benefits of both fabrics.

Both fabrics are breathable, absorbent and offer good air flow. However, the addition of cotton can give linen jackets more structure and crease-resistance, giving them a smarter appearance.

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