Relive the Golden Age of Men's Magazines

Due to the rise of digital media, it is getting harder than ever to enjoy physical media such as magazines. Throughout the 1980s and 90s, print media enjoyed a boom, and adult men's magazines filled newspaper stands and bookshops alike. Using eBay, you can relive this golden era by purchasing vintage men's magazines.

What types of affordable men's adult magazines are available?

When referencing vintage men's adult magazines, many people will be referring to ones with female nudity or women with little clothing. However, a collectible men-only magazine might also refer to those that contain articles about men's interests. Some examples of common men's magazines include:

  • Playboy
  • Penthouse
  • Mayfair
  • The Face
  • Maxim
Rare for-men-only magazine covers

Several famous men's adult magazines came out in 1987. Many of them had famous covers that are now highly sought after by collectors. Since they are no longer in print, the only way to get them is from sites such as eBay.

A men's magazine cover that is rare and gained a lot of attention is the Penthouse September issue. It features Madonna, and inside is a full, eight-page spread about the famous pop singer. Some other rare 1987 men's adult magazines' covers include:

  • Penthouse, August 1987, featuring Miss America Vanessa Williams
  • Playboy, February 1987, featuring Bitten Knudsen, Antoinette Giancana, and Stephanie Beacham
  • Playboy, August 1987, featuring a 20-question interview with David Lee Roth
Are there any health magazines for men?

Yes, there are many helpful men's magazines that focus on health and wellness. Keep in mind that, while these magazines do not focus only on men over 40, many of their articles pertain to the health of men that are in their 40s and older.

Many of these magazines will feature some articles about building muscle. In addition, they go into depth about eating right and health-related warning signs that men should know. A few examples of men's magazines that focus on health include:

  • Men's Health
  • Men's Journal
  • Muscle & Fitness
  • Iron Man
Men's magazines focused on the outdoors

Inexpensive men's adult magazines include more than just health articles and pictorials of women. A vast majority of special-interest men's magazines include outdoor publications. In fact, some of the vintage men's magazines that feature outdoor camping, hunting, and fishing are among the most collectible. A few examples of them include:

  • Field & Stream
  • Outside
  • Outdoor Life
  • True Men
  • Get Outdoors