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Men's Morning Suits

A men's morning suit is a classic outfit most often worn to formal events such as weddings, civic, official or royal functions and to events like Royal Ascot which are part of the 'social season'. They are also worn at formal lunches like those held by City of London institutions and worn as school uniform in some fee-paying schools like Eton.

Although it is called a morning suit, it was the formal wear worn during daylight hours with white tie formal dress worn for evening social events.

Today the men's morning suit consists of:

A coat which is usually a single-breasted tailcoat with a single button. An alternative is a Prince Edward jacket which is a single-breasted three-quarter length jacket. Traditionally the coat is black but modern looks include other colours such as Royal Blue or grey.

Trousers are traditionally grey and striped, often held up by braces and never a belt. The modern alternative look is for the trousers to be the same colour as the coat.

A waistcoat completes the men's morning suit and can be either single or double-breasted. This is traditionally black when wearing a men's morning suit for events like funerals. In modern looks it is often the same colour as the coat and trousers.

Traditionally the coat and trousers are made from wool with the waistcoat often made from linen. Nowadays, you will also find men's morning suits made from modern materials like polyester.

Complete the look

Complete your morning suit outfit with a crisp white shirt, a silk tie or cravat and tuck a complementary-coloured pocket square or handkerchief (in silk, linen or cotton) into the front breast coat pocket. Wear polished black shoes with all colours of men's morning suit.

Depending on the style of shirt you wear, you may also want to use cufflinks to complete your formal attire.

You can go the whole way and wear a top hat!

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