Walk Out in Style in Men's Patent Leather Shoes

When you need to look good all the time, whether it's in the office or at a family wedding, striding out in a pair of men's patent leather shoes will certainly make an impression. Their shiny, highly-polished appearance and well-cut designs will show that you're someone who likes to dress well. Look through the eBay listings to find affordable style in all sizes.

What can make leather shoes look more businesslike?

Although some men's patent leather shoes are slip-ons or fasten with buckles, it's more common for them to fasten with laces, and this style is great if you're wearing a business suit or tuxedo. Make sure that laces are in the same colour as the leather and are threaded symmetrically through the eyelets or eye-holes. Most patent leather shoes have a low heel, but not a completely flat one since that may look too casual. As for colour, black is nearly always a safe choice if kept highly polished, though a brown pair may be preferable if your jacket is a similar colour.

How can you keep patent leather looking great?

This is a material which will look fabulous if well cared for, so putting in the effort is well worth it. Some patent leather shoes are designed with easy-clean coatings, so keep an eye on the descriptions of eBay listings if you're after shoes that are easy to care for. Each pair may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. In general, though, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe your shoes. Then, apply a suitable patent leather cleaning solution. Let that dry for about five minutes, then use a chamois cloth to buff your shoes to a brilliant shine. Note that some pairs may recommend specific types of cloth.

What toe styles look good with these shoes?

Men's patent leather dress shoes often have fairly pointed toes, but there are other options if you prefer a rounded or squared toe. Some of the most common styles available are:

  • Pointed: Shoes with pointed toes can look very elegant, and are suitable for formal events or important presentations. They will need to fit perfectly to avoid pinching or squashing your feet.
  • Rounded: This toe style tends to give a generous cut, so it can be comfortable if your toes are fairly thick. A discreet pattern can look good around the edges of this toe style.
  • Squared: Some men's patent leather shoes designed for evening dress or as dance shoes use this style. You may want to order a slightly wider fitting than with a rounded toe.