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Men's Rose Gold Rings

For wedding bands, personal accessories or signet rings, men's rose gold rings offer a variety of different styles made from this fine metal.

Rose gold is made by combining pure gold with copper to create a rose-tinted appearance. The high-quality metal has a carat rating of up to 22 carats, with an 18 carat rose gold still containing 75% gold. Choose which carat rating best serves your needs.

Good jewellery for men should appear natural to wear, as a simple stylish accent to complement any outfit. For a classic and timeless look, search for vintage rings, that are usually crafted from hard-wearing rose gold. They often feature intricate designs to the shank to give a more original look.


Bands are the most popular ring variety for men and often a wedding band is the only ring a man will ever wear. Plain bands are usually the most frequent, although nowadays, it is common to see bands of rose gold inlaid with platinum, another fine metal, or black carbon fibre for a more personalised masculine look.

Another popular style is one with a design to the shank, whether it is an intricate pattern or a Celtic style design to show heritage.

Signet Rings

Aside from wedding bands, signet rings are usually the most common ring type among men. Dating back many centuries, the signet ring was originally used as a means of personal identification, signature or symbol of family heritage.

They would traditionally have a flat bezel atop the shank that was usually engraved with a family crest or another distinctive symbol. Despite the use no longer being relevant in the modern age, signet rings are still popular. Some still feature a plain bezel, which can be engraved at a later date.

Many more modern rings also feature an engraved or un-engraved stone in place of the traditional crest. Darker stones such as onyx perfectly pair with rose gold for a masculine accessory.

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