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Men's Rugby Shirts

Whether you're searching for a rugby shirt out of loyalty for your team of choice or simply like the style of these tops and want to add one to your wardrobe, you're sure to find the right shirt for you. Men's rugby shirts are available in a whole host of colours, designs and styles so you'll be able to pick the perfect one to match your preferences.

Sometimes confused with polo shirts , rugby shirts are actually different in many ways. They will typically feature a broad horizontal stripe across the chest and the collar tends to be shorter and often stiffer. Whilst recreational rugby shirts may be made of similar, casual materials to polo shirts, those designed for sport will be harder wearing which is worth considering if you're looking for a top that will be more robust.

Styles of rugby shirts

Styles of men's rugby shirts can vary although most will have the main elements included fairly consistently, such as the stiff collar, buttons and the fact that they are more often than not short sleeved.

If you are looking for a specific team shirt you'll find a wide variety to choose from, including both national rugby team shirts and regional designs as well as those with numbers marked on the back for real authenticity. Most styles are available in both short and long sleeved options with long sleeve rugby shirts offering a lot more warmth, making them perfect for the winter months.

These are usually made from materials chosen specifically for their durability and breathability, such as heavy duty, high quality cotton. Official rugby shirts are made to withstand the tough conditions on the pitch and should last well in addition to being a very comfortable choice.

Often associated with a more casual and preppy style, you can also find men's rugby shirts that have been designed for daily wear rather than to be worn exclusively for sport. Whilst these can be branded in line with specific team colours and logos they tend to be in regular colours and are popular in everything from pastel to bolder shades.

Casual rugby shirts are available in a wider variety of materials including thinner cotton and cotton blends and can often be a more cost effective option. They can even be found in polyester and synthetic materials and in more snug fitting designs than traditional looser fit shirts, making them a good choice for smarter occasions.

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