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Men's Sports Shorts

Whether you're jogging around your local park to keep fit, squatting a new personal best at the gym or taking part in a Sunday league football match, you're guaranteed to find a pair of men's sports shorts to fit the task at hand.

There are a variety of different shapes, fits, materials and features to suit the varying sports that exist in the world today.

Different materials

Available in cotton this is a soft and comfortable fit, cotton sports shorts for men are built to be lightweight and hold moisture. They are ideal for individuals who sweat a lot during exercise. Another material is polyester, although it isn't as soft as cotton, polyester is a synthetic material that resists bacteria whilst it wicks moisture away from the skin.

Other materials include Polyester , they are ideal for sports such as football and rugby as they are able to keep dry and light when being used, but don't feel cold against the skin. Perfect when you're out playing for a long period of time.

Also available is lycra which is most commonly found in cycling shorts and weightlifting compression shorts, the synthetic material Lycra is great for providing elasticity whilst retaining comfort. Men's Lycra shorts can be worn tight against the skin without restricting movements, but come with the added benefit of providing extra muscle support and also minimising wind resistance. Cyclists can benefit from wearing Lycra shorts as they fight against uncomfortable irritation, often formed when sitting on a cycle saddle for a prolonged period of time.

Different sports require differently designed shorts. Men's running shorts often remain pocketless, tennis shorts on the other hand utilise pockets to hold tennis balls. Most running shorts are designed to be short, whereas tennis shorts and basketball shorts are generally longer and sometimes baggier to allow for easier movement.

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