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Men's Swim Brief Trunks

Whether you are a serious swimmer or just enjoy the occasional dip, men's swim brief trunks will help you to get the most out of your time in the water. Designed to improve your technique and performance, it is no coincidence that all the top athletes choose the brief style trunks when they are in the pool.

Swim brief trunks enable lots of flexibility and ease of movement. They are designed to dry quickly when leaving the water and can be worn under shorts, which is ideal for when you are on holiday or heading for a quick swim after work. They also offer increased skin exposure, ideal for those intent on getting that perfect tan.

Swim briefs come in a range of materials, all with their own benefits. Lycra trunks are extremely durable and are more resistant to chlorine, heat and sweat. They are designed to be skin tight without excess material for improved aerodynamics in the water. They absorb less water than other materials which means less weight. This makes them an ideal choice for swimmers in competitions when every second counts.

Most do not require a drawstring or other such fasteners, due to their natural elasticity and figure hugging properties. However, it is possible to purchase pairs that come with such a feature, either as a point of fashion or for practical purposes.

Spandex briefs are soft and comfortable with additional stretchiness enabling the body to move freely. Spandex trunks are a perfect choice for the casual swimmer or if you're lounging on a beach, as they are not as resistant to chlorine as their lycra counterparts.

Polyester trunks are made with a slightly thicker material. They last a very long time and can withstand consistent exposure to chlorine. These are perfect for those who swim on a regular basis in public swimming pools.

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