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Men's Titanium Huggie Earrings

Men's titanium huggie earrings add simple and easy style to any look, with a range of classic hoops as well as a selection of embellishments.

Huggie earrings , or huggers, are small, thick hoop earrings that have a hinge opening to fit closely around the ear lobes. The small size means that they are safer and less likely to catch on something, but the thickness of the ring makes them more visible than normal hoops .

Men often prefer to wear huggie earrings as they are lightweight and comfortable but the thick band means that they can be worn as subtle or statement pieces.

Men's huggie earrings are usually sold individually, as it is common for men to only have one ear piercing. Check the quantity before purchase if you're looking for two earrings.

Titanium in earrings

Titanium is a strong and durable metal that doesn't scratch as easily as finer metals, it is often used in earrings as it suits every skin tone and has no allergenic substances, meaning that there will be no adverse reactions while wearing the earrings.

Often men prefer titanium jewellery because of its sleek appearance and lightweight feel. Its strength also means that jewellery doesn't need replacing often.

As titanium is growing more and more popular, a wider variety of styles and designs are becoming available.

Plain or embellished titanium earrings

For a simple and easy look, opt for a plain titanium huggie earring, which are available in silver, gold and black colours for a masculine appearance.

More characterful designs often feature a blending of titanium colours, often with intricate patterns in the metal. Or opt for an embellished piece, adorned with gems and stones that come in a variety of different styles from single stones to pavé.

For a more colourful look, titanium huggie earrings are also available in a range of colours, as well as multicolour metal.

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