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Men's Watches

Find the perfect present for Christmas, a special birthday or anniversary or an ideal retirement or leaving gift amongst the range of stylish men's watches.

There is a watch to suit men of all ages and tastes and for every occasion, designed and produced by some of the biggest names in watchmaking. A man who likes technology and gadgets would suit a cutting edge CASIO watch with technological features such as digital displays, alarms, or even a thermometer, barometer and compass.

A man with a taste for style and fashion could be tempted by an Emporio Armani watch by leading design house Giorgio Armani, or by a stylish timepiece by GUESS. A gentleman with classic preferences might like a watch from iconic brands such as Rolex , Seiko, Omega, Lorus, Timex or Accurist. For the antique collector vintage watches from the 1940s or 1980s can also be found.

Men's watches are made with different materials, face and strap styles. You can choose from stainless steel, gold plated, black-ion plated, plastic and rubber bracelets, or brown and black leather straps, among others.

Faces and dials are available in a variety of colours such as silver, white, black, gold or rose gold. You can find analogue, digital and multi-dial watches. A sports watch is useful for those who like to keep fit because it can be water-resistant with features including alarms, stopwatch, compass, heart rate monitor, and tachymeter for calculating speed.

The movement of a watch tells you how the watch is run and can affect factors such as cost and lifespan. A watch with mechanical automatic movement means it is self-winding when it is worn. If it is not worn every day it may need re-winding by hand. A manual movement watch will need daily winding by hand or it will stop. A quartz watch is powered by battery which will last between 12 and 24 months before it will need replacing. Quartz can be digital or be a more traditional analogue watch with turning hands. A quartz solar powered watch converts light into energy, which then charges the watch.

Sometimes a watch will be referred to as being chronograph. This style combines a stopwatch and a display watch. There can be a second hand which can be started, stopped and returned to zero, or it can have multiple hands to measure seconds. Sports watches are often chronograph.

Watches are also measured by their water resistance and a mark can be found on the back of the timepiece which indicates how well a watch will stand if it is exposed to water. A watch is waterproof for daily use if it meets the ISO-2281 standard.

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