Make Heads Turn With a Mercedes C220 Car

Whether running errands or heading to the office, drive in style with a luxury Benz C Class 220. You can find these vehicles for sale at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Are eBay's Mercedes C 220 new or used?

These vehicles are previously owned, which means you can find them in a variety of conditions. It also means you can find some of the most reasonable prices for a Mercedes C220. The majority of these vehicles were manufactured from 2000 on, so they are still relatively young vehicles. Many are in like-new condition with very low mileage, while others are better suited as project cars or used for spares and repairs. Most listings include information on service history to give you an understanding of how well the vehicle was kept. You will also find information on MOT duration and the number of previous owners.

Types of Mercedes C220

The Mercedes C220 is marketed as a mid-sized, luxury executive vehicle available in five-door estates, four-door sedans, or two-door coupes. You can find them with turbo-powered diesel engines or running off regular petrol. They also come with either automatic or manual transmissions. A few of the different models and trim levels available include:

  • Mercedes 220 2.1L CDI Elegance
  • Mercedes C220D Sport Coupe
  • Mercedes 220 CDI SE Estate
  • Mercedes C220 Avantegarde CDI
  • Mercedes C Class Blue Efficiency C220
Features of the Mercedes Benz C Class 220

Standard safety features like air bags, seat belt pretensioners, immobilisers, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability programmes are available on most models. Interior comfort and convenience features can vary amongst the vehicles but can include panoramic sunroofs, leather interior, heated seating, AM/FM radio with CD, cruise control, climate control, parking sensors, lane-assist steering, paddle shifts on automatics, Bluetooth connections, and anti-theft alarm systems.

Choosing the right Mercedes C220

eBay makes shopping for your next vehicle easy and convenient. Shop and compare models from the comfort of your own home instead of trekking out to multiple vehicle dealers. Whether you are looking for a dependable extra vehicle for the household or you would like to find a project vehicle for restoration, you can find many options to meet your needs. Setting a budget for yourself and comparing important factors like the age of the vehicle, service history, and mileage can help you determine which Mercedes C220 is right for you.