Store Securely With Metal Shelving

Having enough space for your stuff is an issue everyone runs into now and again. While it might be easy to toss things in a closet and forget about them, this quickly comes back to bite you when you're looking for a specific item and have to dig through a pile or disorganized nonsense to find it. Get rid of the hassle of finding a way to organize your things securely and get a metal shelving unit, providing you with plenty of space to hold all sorts of everyday items you might need. 

How large is a metal shelving unit? 

Metal shelving units vary in size, but all offer a decent amount of space. Many models feature around three to five levels for your goods and range from one to one and a half meters in height, though there are options for larger and smaller shelves with more or fewer levels. Some shelving units are double wide compared to the standard, giving you even more space for storage at the same height. See the manufacturer site for details. 

How much weight can a metal shelving unit hold? 

You typically won't need to worry about the weight capacity for your shelving units unless you tend to store exceptionally heavy objects. Many shelving units cleared for use in places like garages can hold 100 kilogrammes or more on each level, some up to 150 kilogrammes. The eBay listing for shelving units will likely specify their exact capacity, so make sure to check before you buy if this is something you might need to consider with what you plan to store. See the manufacturer site for details. 

What kind of designs are metal shelving units available in? 

The most typical design for a metal shelving unit is a set of simple, flat tiers held by metal supports. While this is functional and what many come to expect from metal shelving, there are many variations that you may wish to consider for aesthetic or even usage reasons, including:  

  • Wall-mounted: Wall-mounted shelving units can save you space by holding your things off the ground, maximizing what you can do with your floor plan. While they typically can't hold as much as traditional shelving units, their convenience makes them a worthwhile buy.
  • Shaped units: Shelving units in special shapes can be a nice way to accessorize while also finding new ways to store items. Shelving units in specific shapes like hearts, circles, or designed like cupboards can make for all sorts of useful space-saving storage options.